A Homage to All the Mothers in my Life….

A Homage to All the Mothers in my Life….

My sweet amazing Mother- You taught me love without boundaries that stretches beyond measure, you are forever apart of my soul, thank you for being my compass

My beautiful adored Grandmother- Your wisdom has taught me to be brave, strong, and lead with my heart.

My compassionate Mother In-Law- You Taught me to be open hearted for new relationships, and within them can be an endearing love, thank you for your tenderness with my children.

My cherished Sisters- Thank you for teaching me that moments can last a lifetime, it has been an honor to watch your children grow, here’s to many more years.

My beloved Friends- You continue to teach me to laugh at the craziness of life, thank you for keeping me in check, and raising your glass with me when we need a mommy break.

Happy Mother’s Day To All

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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