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What Your Kids Really Want from You!

Cynthia Alonge-Roe

Posted on July 01 2015

What Your Kids Really Want from You!

So many times we try so hard to plan the perfect day or vacation with our kiddos, and we have a grand vision of their smiling faces, no tantrums no sibling arguments…..and then reality sets in! We can put so much energy and time in bringing our kids to this place or that place, buying them new “things”, and trying to plan these action packed days filled with adventure, we need to remind ourselves that sometimes kids are fulfilled with just simple things. The old saying, back to basics, and remembering that at times the best moments are when we are just being a kid with our kids! Simple one on one time with each other, dance parties, coloring together, reading, tag, and a good pillow fight, is sometimes all it takes to create the times that matters most and lets your kids know how much you value & love them. This great video, by a talented kid, explains just that! Take a look and find out what your kid really wants from you!

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