Lessons That Last a Lifetime

Lessons That Last a Lifetime

I think a lot of parents, including myself, do our best effort to try and instill in our children things that really matter.  Trying to find balance in a culture where families can be pulled in so many directions, it's very easy to get lost and a little blurry-eyed of what's truly important. Rather it be trying to teach respectfulness, compassion or gratitude, we continue to try and find those teachable life moments, in the hopes that somehow it will just become a part of their every day. And it's in that tremendous amount of responsibility some might say that it is the most important thing we do when parenting....maybe that's why some call it the hardest job you could have! Although we give it our best to do this all year, it's usually around this time, we start to really pay attention to the messages were giving our children about the importance of giving, and not receiving. While toys and gifts are fun, the holidays are truly about spending time with your family and loving one another. So we cross our fingers and hope that along the way something clicks, something registers with them, despite all of the cultural messages of “give me, give me, give me” and “more is better”.  This video is a testament to what happens when you keep reminding your children about respectfulness, compassion, and gratitude.  Our children do hear us, and more importantly, they see us in our daily interactions with other people modeling these values.

So KUDOS to all parents for continuing to do this.  It’s what we instill in them today that will be the reflection of what they value tomorrow!

Enjoy the video, share it with a friend & tell us what you’re thankful for!

PS…Luv Bug is thankful for our parents who taught us what is important in life, so we could pass that to our kids!

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